About us

El Motero S.A.S.

We are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, some say too much, others consider us bikers (thanks for considering us bikers). After seeing the great growth that has been the sale of motorcycles but also the great growth of accidents involving a motorcycle … we decided to do our bit and help the biker community. Within the company we have the philosophy of “We do not only live to ride … we live to respect, help and educate. Because we know that life are our roads and the other’s one “. For this reason, when we are stressed, we shoot; when we are blocked, we shoot; When we have nothing to do, we shoot … we do not need to have a destination for Rhodes, we just do it. And if on the way we meet a brother who needs us, we stop and help.

El Motero S.A.S.

El Motero S.A.S. is a dedicated advertising company specializing in the field of motorcycling; We see the problem and we look for a way to solve it from within, with them. We know how they think, how they live, what they feel and how the day to day is on a motorcycle, since we are all bikers.

A Motero has ethics, is honorable, respects the rules, knows and respects what he handles and applies the rules of transit and safety. Universal motto of the bikers: Respect and you will be respected.

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