Why young people pay more for their vehicle insurance

Many insurers rate people in their 40s and 50s as ideal drivers, especially if they are married with a family. When it comes to quoting a policy for clients in this segment, insurers understand that their driving behavior will be more responsible since they will make more cautious decisions.


The Tour-X 4 should be considered one of the most versatile helmets ever conceived: adventure, great touring or off-road, and without the visor, it also looks great on a simple bike! No matter the driving conditions, the Tour-X 4 is ready to handle it.

50cc Hurricans

In the early 50s, Husqvarna decided to produce folklore machines. New legislation opened up for cheap mopeds that at first were no more than bicycles equipped with an engine. The popularity of this new way of transportation grew quickly. It resulted in whirlwinds, such as the Novolette, the Roulette and the Corona, all Avantgarde pilgrim models…