El Motero

It is a magazine created by bikers for bikers. Along with the company’s philosophy, “We don’t just live to ride… we live to respect, help and educate. Because we know that life are our roads and the others” is focused on knowing and learning about the world of motorcycling through biker experiences.

El Motero Edition 011

In this edition we will know the experience of Hiroshi Naganuma and his 6 years in the Bajaj Avenger 220. You know the difference between normal jeans and those of a true biker. We reveal the secret of choosing the correct gasoline for your motorcycle. Learn about the bore and stroke of an engine and differentiate them if one is longer than the other. How to pass an emergency vehicle in different circumstances? Know the etiquette to be an excellent passenger on a motorcycle … and much more.


In this edition we will meet Gianna Velarde, her passion for the world of motorcycling. Safety in the pants you choose is important. How do you know when to change the sprocket? Do you want more speed or more torque on your motorcycle? Learn about the origin of the biker salute V… and much more.