Ducati presents, together with Audi and Ford, the technology of automobile communication to motorcycles at the CES of Las Vegas


Ducati continues safety-related research and experimentation. Multistrada 1260 used in the first U.S. demonstration of the ConVeX (Connected Vehicle to Everything) project at Consumer Electronics Show® 2019 Ducati, Audi AG and Ford Motor Company team up to set new safety standards for motorcycles.

ducati audi ford

Neuburg, 03.07.2018: xxx. Foto: Lukas Barth

  • Ducati continues research and experimentation related to safety.
  • Multistrada 1260 used in the first US demonstration of the ConVeX project (Connected Vehicle to Everything) at the Consumer Electronics Show® 2019
  • Ducati, Audi AG and Ford Motor Company unite to establish new safety standards for motorcycles
ducati audi ford

Ducati continues its research focused on safety by participating, together with Audi and Ford, in the first demonstration in the United States of a communication system that interrelates vehicles, street and pedestrian infrastructure.

This test follows the one completed in Germany last July. The latter saw the ConVeX (Connected Vehicle to Everything) project, a key part of Ducati’s “Safety Route Map 2025” strategy, which aims to develop new safety systems and technologies, which is being shown in Europe for the first time. The initial stages of this strategy will make ABS Cornering extend to the entire Ducati range and the launch, in 2020, of a motorcycle with front and rear radar.

ducati audi ford

Ducati, Audi AG, Ford Motor Company and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, announced continued joint efforts by companies to help accelerate the commercial deployment of C-V2X direct communication technology for road safety, efficiency of traffic and automated driving. As part of Consumer Electronic Show® 2019 (CES 2019), a Ducati Multistrada 1260, as well as Audi and Ford vehicles, demonstrate driving situations using direct C-V2X communications.

All vehicles were equipped with C-V2X technology using the Qualcomm® 9150 C-V2X chipset to demonstrate a cooperative intersection use case, showing how C-V2X can be used between vehicles to negotiate the right-of-way at the entrance of a four-way, non-intersected signaling vehicle where the intentions exchange and non-line of sight (NLOS) conditions make the use of a wireless sensor such as the C-V2X ideal.

The companies also exhibited additional security scenarios from Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I), demonstrating the maturity and potential of C-V2X technology. The use case of V2V presented the scenario of Intersection Movement Assistance (IMA), which is a key countermeasure to address intersection angle collisions, while the V2P scenario showed how C-V2X can be used to protect to vulnerable road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. The V2I use case presented the warning zone of the work zone, which is designed to provide drivers with an advanced warning of the construction of the road ahead, which allows them to maneuver safely.

ducati audi ford

This week’s demonstrations in Las Vegas follow the successful demonstrations of the validations and interoperability of the C-V2X trials carried out during 2018 in Europe, Japan, Australia, China and the United States, as well as the first live demonstration of interoperability C-V2X between a motorcycle, vehicles and Infrastructure on the road, which was hosted by several leading automotive and technology companies, including Ducati and Qualcomm Technologies.

Ducati, Audi and Ford are among several global automakers that have closely evaluated the C-V2X technology for its reliability, high performance capabilities and preparation through rigorous testing. Currently, C-V2X is the only V2X alternative that provides a clear evolution path to 5G, compatible with previous versions, and is designed to provide reliable and consistent performance in realistic driving scenarios. While complementing other Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) sensors, such as radar, lidar and camera systems, C-V2X direct communications supports a growing set of safety use cases, as well as better knowledge of the situation by directly detecting and exchanging vital data. information.

In addition, C-V2X is designed with a focus on security, benefiting from the established security transport layers and application protocols defined by the automotive standards communities, including ISO, ETSI and IEEE 1609. Because C-V2X is can easily integrate into all wireless modems to offer direct and network communications, its implementation is cost effective, which is especially important as the automotive industry continues to move towards the addition of wireless connectivity in all vehicles.

ducati audi ford

“This demonstration shows use cases in which advanced technologies can significantly improve the safety of motorcycle users,” said Pierluigi Zampieri, Vehicle Innovation Manager at Ducati Motor Holding. “The C-V2X communication is one of the key projects of the Ducati 2025 safety roadmap. There is no better place than CES to talk about our roadmap to the future.”

“Audi has demonstrated a new case of use of C-V2X along with Ford, Ducati and Qualcomm Technologies. The use case of the four-way stop provides an idea of how cooperative driving with C-V2X will be possible in the future. In addition to the additional safety, the C-V2X is designed to also improve comfort and efficiency, which can be applied to both current and future autonomous driving, “said Anupam Malhotra, Director of Connected Vehicles & Data at Audi of America. , Inc. ” Audi has demonstrated the commercial viability of mobile-based V2X services through the Audi Traffic Light information service and plays a leading role within the 5GAA to further develop this technology. “

ducati audi ford

“Imagine that a person suddenly goes outside and that their vehicle stops because they were alerted by that person’s smartphone This is just an example of how C-V2X can connect smart vehicles to an intelligent world,” said Don Butler, CEO of Ford Connected Vehicle Platform and Product. “We invite other automakers, governments and technology companies to join the important momentum to create a C-V2X ecosystem.”

“As part of Qualcomm Technologies’ ongoing work with Ford, Audi and Ducati, we are pleased to continue to strengthen our mutual efforts to accelerate the commercial deployment of C-V2X This new chapter in our long-standing relationships describes our collective goal to realize everything the potential of C-V2X as a global solution for the connectivity, security and autonomy of next-generation vehicles, “said Nakul Duggal, senior vice president of product management at Qualcomm Technologies.” We hope to show the latest results from this relationship, since several Ford, Audi and Ducati vehicles demonstrate the interoperability of the C-V2X in real driving situations “.

The demonstration of Ducati, Audi, Ford and Qualcomm Technologies will be held live in Las Vegas by appointment and will also be broadcast live at the Qualcomm Technologies automotive booth in North Hall (booth # 5609), and at Central Hall (stand # TBD) throughout the show. The demonstration will also be shown at the Audi and Ford stands.

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