2018 Brutale 800 Dragster RR

When the attention to detail corresponds to a limited series, when the performance reaches the limit of the rational … This is the moment when MV Agusta includes its RR emblem to its only realizations … maximum equipment, components of the highest quality, search for the radical. A combination that leaves no room for any compromise. Every MV Agusta is a special bike, but the RR versions are the essence of pure pleasure and unique driving sensations.



The abbreviations RR that only until now crowned the best achievements of the Varese firm, address the three-cylinder series for the first time. It does so with the Brutale 800 Dragster RR, a synthesis of power, elegance, cycling excellence and driving power. The Dragster RR is one of a kind, there is no bike like it. A machine that affects its radicality, although once carefully considered, it abounds in wealth and precious details. We invite you to discover the new MV Agusta Brutale 800 Dragster RR.

The legendary “RR” emblem debuts in the Brutale 800 Dragster RR, a combination of power, style, excellent chassis design and brutal acceleration. The Dragster RR is unparalleled, an emblematic motorcycle whose key is a return to the essential. Pure emotion. Full exuberance. The Brutale Dragster 800 RR further radicalizes its “stoplight burner” concept that MV Agusta already introduced with the Brutale Dragster. A motorcycle created expressly to impress. Every turn of the throttle, every action on the clutch control or gear change, has one goal: to unleash all power on the road. With the Dragster 800, MV Agusta laid the groundwork. Now with the Dragster RR, it goes much further. More power, more electronics. Even more irreverent. You can’t ask for more.

With a weight of only 52 kg. and with a very compact construction, taking into account its displacement, the in-line three-cylinder engine optimizes weight distribution, while the crankshaft, with reverse rotation to the gear, improves the dynamic performance of the Brutale 800 Dragster RR. These are the characteristics that make this engine the best example of the excellence of Italian engineering, and one of the most advanced three-cylinder in the world. The 140 hp, at 13,100 rpm, is achieved in part due to its much improved new intake box and more efficient exhaust system. A set of six injectors has also been chosen (two per cylinder, instead of a single injector used in other Brutale models). The resulting power delivery is linear at low turns, as well as explosive at high revolutions, with a limit of 13,200 RPM.

In the cycle part, it maintains the same levels as the rest of the three cylinder Brutale family. The wheelbase is only 1,380 mm. As for wheels, the protagonist is its striking Pirelli Diablo Rosso from the rear axle. The chassis structure uses a solution common to the latest generation MV Agusta: an ALS multitubular frame chassis, with aluminum profiles integrated in the rear area that act as a pivot for the swingarm. The suspension uses equally advanced and perfectly integrated components. The Dragster RR features an adjustable CRC steering damper. The Marzocchi inverted fork, 43 mm. in diameter, it uses aluminum struts, being now lighter attractive due to its striking red anodizing. In addition, the DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating improves its glide and therefore provides greater precision. Behind, the Sachs adjustable damper, 125 mm. travel, keeps its configuration attached to the single-arm swingarm,

Additional information

Weight168 kg
Dimensions2060 × 825 mm

3 cylinders, 4 stroke, Liquid cooling and oil cooler

Valve system

4 valves, DOHC


798 cc

Compression ratio

13.3 : 1

Sistema de arranque


Bore x stroke

79 X 54,3 mm

Rated output

103 kW (140 Hp) @ 13.100 rpm

Max. torque

86 Nm (8,25 kgm) @ 10.100 rpm


Body of butterflies "drive by wire" Mikuni, Eldor EM2.0 electronic control unit, MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) integrated ignition-injection system with six injectors


Mechanical drive, Oil-coated multi-disc


Removable six-speed with constant tap

Primary Ratio


Relation 1


Relation 2


Relation 3


Relation 4


Relation 5


Relation 6


Final Ratio



1.380 mm

Seat height

811 mm

Ground clearance

149 mm


95 mm

Fuel capacity

12,9 l


ALS steel pipe, Aluminum alloy back frame

Front wheel suspension

125 mm, 43mm Marzocchi inverted telescopic hydraulic fork, DLC treatment and red anodized aluminum struts, Regulation system in extension and compression and spring preload

Rear wheel suspension

125 mm, Adjustable in extension and compression (High speed / Low speed) and spring preload, Progressive, monoshock Sachs

Brake, front

Double floating steel disc (320 mm. Diameter), Radial Brembo with 4 pistons (32 mm. Diameter)

Brake, rear

Brembo with 2 pistons (34 mm. Diameter), Steel disc (220 mm. Diameter)

Tires, front

120/70 – ZR 17 M/C (58W)

Tires, rear

200/50 – ZR 17 M/C (75W)

Velocidad Máxima

245 km/h


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