2018 RSV4 RF

The Aprilia RSV4 is radically renewed to continue being the best superbike ever. The result of an extraordinary and winning project, which stems from the experience of Aprilia’s success in the competition.

More than a second faster than your previous fast lap thanks to new Öhlins suspensions, new brake system and new APRC electronic control package that includes cornering ABS (C-ABS) and “DownShifter”. The Euro 4 engine delivers 201 horsepower, combined with a seven-time superbike world champion cyclist.

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The natural evolution of an innovative project

The Aprilia RSV4 is the natural evolution of an innovative project, capable in a few years of dominating the SBK world championship, conquering seven world titles in six years and winning its debut in the FIM Superstock Cup, a championship dedicated to motorcycles derived strictly from the Serie. Unanimously acclaimed by critics, it is desired by pilots from anywhere on the planet who see the RSV4 as the undisputed representative of the segment, the benchmark in sportsmanship, performance and the best example of how much can be done from an award-winning competition department such as that of Aprilia who, in her young history, has been able to conquer 54 world titles.

A product born in competition and then transferred to the series to give all its users the same emotions as a motorcycle developed by Aprilia Racing.

Inimitable by the lucidity of its development and by the applied technology, the Aprilia RSV4 has been devised around a 65-degree V-cylinder four-cylinder engine, never seen in a standard sports car with a chassis derived directly from a dynasty that has achieved 18 world titles and victory in 143 250cc grand prix, highlighted all by the most modern electronic system applied to engine management and the dynamics of the bike.

Heir to the vocation of Aprilia, which has been the first manufacturer to adopt the Ride-by-Wire multimap throttle system in series vehicles, but above all for being the first to adopt the APRC dynamic control platform, with exclusive systems of autocalibración and control of elevation of the front wheel, system that acquires new levels of efficiency always at the service of the maximum provision.

The main objective of the new Aprilia RSV4 is exactly the same for this model born in 2009, to be without a doubt the best Superbike, the closest in performance and efficiency to the competition Aprilia. Thanks to the experience gained in the most exclusive championships, such as the Superbike or MotoGP world championships, Aprilia is in a position to transfer Ride-by-Wire system level technology or the most complete electronic package to its standard products. your APRC.

More than a second faster

The main objective pursued during the development of the new Aprilia RSV4 (in the two versions available, RSV4 RR and RSV4 RF) has been, as always, only one: to be the fastest Superbike in the segment. To achieve this, Aprilia has used the best technology from Aprilia Racing, fine-tuning the already exceptional RSV4 from multiple points of view, such as electronics, suspensions and brakes. Thanks to the work done on the engine, now adapted to Euro 4 regulations, without having lost any of its personality in terms of power and delivery, the new RSV4 is on average one second faster than the previous version.

EURO4 engine, the same exceptional performance

The main and only characteristics of this jewel of Italian technology, those that have enabled the best Superbike ever, remain unchanged. It is the world’s first high-performance, narrow V-cylinder in a large series, the most evolved and powerful engine ever built by Aprilia. An engine considered unique and unmistakable thanks to the implantation of “total” electronics, extremely compact and very light. The actions carried out in this evolution of the Italian V4 have not prevented achieving the Euro4 homologation objective and have also increased reliability and general performance, without losing power or maximum torque (which continue at 201 horsepower at 13,000 rpm and 115 Nm at 10.50 rpm ) without losing the inimitable sound that the Aprilia V4 offers.

The engine has a new exhaust system with a silencer equipped with a double Lambda probe and integrated valve, while the engine’s control unit is new with greater calculation capacity, capable of managing a rise in the maximum rate of rotation, now 300 rpm higher. This is why the motor is able to stretch even more and thanks to this it is possible to eliminate inclined intake ducts, which are no longer necessary, a choice that contributes to reducing the weight of the suction elements by 500 grams.

In order to increase performance and reliability, new lighter pistons have been introduced, equipped with new segments that reduce the “blow-by” phenomenon. In addition, a new lightening treatment has been carried out on the connecting rod head, thereby reducing friction. New are also the return springs of the valves, with a guarantee of reliability even in the most demanding workloads, while the valves benefit from optimized timing, capable of increasing performance. The gearbox is now fitted with a linear sensor that guarantees its exceptional operation.

Aprilia’s new APRC, the state of the art in electronics

The Aprilia RSV4 RR and RF perform at their best in what was already the best in previous versions, thanks to a significant upgrade to its already exceptional dynamic control package designed and developed by Aprilia. The APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) system is the clear result of the control system derived directly from the winning technology in the Superbike world championship, the most complete of all those currently on the market. The evolution of the same has been possible thanks to the repositioning of the inertial platform that manages the operation, allowing a better possibility of detecting the dynamic conditions of the motorcycle and therefore more effective in the electronic control strategy.

The fourth evolution of Aprilia’s APRC system is better integrated with electronic management, guaranteed by the new throttle control, fully integrated into the Ride-by-Wire, which has allowed the elimination of superfluous components for the electronic management of butterflies, saving 590 grams.

The APRC, standard on the new Aprilia RSV4 RR and RF comprises:

  • New ATC: Aprilia Traction Control, the control is adjustable while driving, without having to close the accelerator. With eight levels thanks to the joystick control, it wins in its drive logic to fine-tune performance.
  • New AWC: Aprilia Wheelie Control, the three-level adjustable front wheel lift control system, has a new, much more precise operating strategy, thanks to the repositioning of the inertial platform. Front wheel lift control is now adjustable on the fly without closing the throttle, just like the ATC, thanks to the practical new right electric switch.
  • New ALC: Aprilia Launch Control, the 3-position adjustable departure assist system for exclusive use on the runway, now benefits from an even more effective new operating strategy.
  • New AQS: Aprilia Quick Shift, the electronic gearbox for shifting gears very quickly and without closing the accelerator or using the clutch, now also equipped with the “downshift” function, which enables downshifting without reducing the clutch. An exclusive function of changing gears with open gas.
  • New APL: Aprilia Pit Limiter, the system that allows you to select and limit the maximum speed allowed to access the pit lane on a circuit or simply to easily respect the speed limits allowed on a road open to traffic.
  • New ACC: Aprilia Cruise Control. The new electronic management has allowed the introduction of a more evolved speed control system, much more comfortable during long journeys, since it allows the selected speed to be maintained without pressing the throttle control.

In addition to the fourth-generation APRC, the Aprilia RSV4 RR and RF adopt as standard the new and evolved ABS multi-map cornering system (C-ABS), developed in collaboration with Bosch to ensure not only extreme road safety, but to improve performance in circuit. The 9.1 MP system, with its truly contained weight and dimensions, is able to optimize braking and ABS performance when cornering, thanks to a specific algorithm that constantly controls different parameters, such as lateral acceleration, pressure exerted on the front brake cam, the angle of inclination and direction, modulating the action of the brakes and guaranteeing the best relationship between deceleration and the stability of the whole.

The new ABS works in unison with Aprilia’s RLM (Rear Liftup Mitigation) system, which limits rear wheel lift in the most determined braking. The C-ABS, tuned according to Aprilia’s indications, is adjustable in three intervention levels as well as disconnectable. Some of the C-ABS’s three levels of control can be combined with any of the three engine power delivery maps (Sport, Track or Race), allowing riders of any experience and driving ability to find the best possible combination.

The three maps are “Full Power” and they differ in the way of transmitting to the asphalt the 201 horsepower that the Aprilia V4 is capable of developing, as well as the percentage of engine brake used in each of them.

The complete renovation of the electronic management of the RSV4 is completed with the new color TFT instrumentation, a true digital computer with exceptional display possibilities. Numerous indexes are represented on the two selectable displays (Road and Race, with night and day backlighting). Standard on the RSV4 RF (and optional on the RSV4 RR) is a new version of the V4-MP platform, the multimedia platform from Aprilia that allows the smartphone to be connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth, introducing, for the first time, an authentic system curve by curve of electronic set-up and whose data can be downloaded to the computer (or directly to the smartphone), for analysis as it is done in competition.

The new V4-MP receives a new connection protocol that minimizes the consumption of the smartphone battery, as well as offering a large series of already mapped circuits with which to manage curve-to-curve electronic tuning and the possibility of timing and acquiring by the user all the data of a new circuit not included in the list of those proposed by Aprilia.

The V4-MP includes the Infotainment information and entertainment system, first introduced in Aprilia with the new RSV4, for the management of voice and telephone commands for incoming and outgoing calls from the smartphone itself. These activities are also reflected in the digital instrumentation of the vehicle.

Additional information

Weight180 kg
Dimensions2040 × 735 × 1120 mm

4 cylinders in longitudinal V at 65°, 4 stroke, liquid cooling

Valve system

DOHC, 4 valves

Bore x stroke

78 X 52,3 mm


999,6 cc

Compression ratio

13.6 : 1

Rated output

201 Hp (148 kW) @ 13.000 rpm

Max. torque

115 Nm @ 10.500 rpm


4 Marelli 48mm throttle bodies with 8 injectors, Airbox with dynamic front pressure air intake., Ride-by-wire system, Selectable running multimap: T (Track), S (Sport), R (Race)


Digital electronic Magneti Marelli integrated with the engine management system., One spark plug per cylinder., Stick-coil type coil

Sistema de arranque


CO2 emissions



By wet sump., Double oil pump (lubrication and cooling), Oil and air radiator.


6 speeds

Relation 1

39/15 (2.600)

Relation 2

33/16 (2,063)

Relation 3

34/20 (1.700)

Relation 4

31/21 (1.476)

Relation 5

31/23 (1.348)

Relation 6

34/27 (1.259)


Mechanical anti-rebound system, Multiple disc clutch in oil bath

Primary Ratio

73/44 (1.659), By spur gears.

Final drive

Chain, SX: 13/62

Final Ratio

41/16 (2.562)


Adjustable Öhlins steering damper., Double cradle aluminum chassis with cast elements and stamped foil., Planned regulations: Position and steering angle, Engine height, Tilting axle height.

Front wheel suspension

120mm travel, Adjustable in spring preload, extension and hydraulic compression., Öhlins NIX fork, with TIN surface treatment., Polished aluminum base with fixings for radial calipers.

Rear wheel suspension

130mm of travel., Adjustable in spring preload, wheelbase and compression and hydraulic extension., Aluminum double arm swingarm; mixed fusion technology and low sheet thickness., New progressive link system., Öhlins TTX monoshock with piggy-back.

Brake, front

Brembo M50 monoblock radial clamp., Double floating disc with a diameter of 330 mm., Four opposing Ø 30 mm pistons., Lightweight stainless steel discs and aluminum anchors with six points., Radial pump and metallic brake hoses., Sintered pads.

Brake, rear

ABS Bosch 9.1 MP with "cornering" function., Adjustable on three maps and equipped with the RLM (Rear wheel Lift-up Mitigation) strategy and disconnectable., Pump with integrated tank and metal hose., Single disc with a diameter of 220 mm., Sintered pads, Two piston Brembo caliper with Ø 32 mm.

Tires, front

120/70 ZR 17, Opcional: 190/50 ZR 17

Tires, rear

200/55 ZR 17, Optional: 190/55 ZR 17

Fuel capacity

18,5 liters, 5 gal

Seat height

845 mm

Steering angle

24º / 24º


105 mm


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