2019 Interceptor INT 650 Twin

The classic-modern roadster, ideal for road travel, twisty back roads or the urban jungle itself with equal ease and grace. Designed for novice or experienced bikers.



Inspired by the iconic 1960s Royal Enfield Interceptor, which found its biggest following on the West Coast of the United States, where the model fits perfectly into the youthful, fun, and youthful storytelling of the time, the all-new Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650 Twin Gloriously reimagines California’s glamorous beach lifestyle. This distinctive, modern classic captures the essence of a quintessential British roadster with the unbridled spirit of a California Desert Racer. With its clean lines, classic teardrop tank, diamond quilt design double seat, and distinctive handlebar width, the Interceptor is the perfect blend of timeless style and contemporary performance.

Engineered from the ground up alongside the legendary Harris Performance team, the 650 Twin Interceptor with a tubular steel frame and twin cradle offers the perfect blend of authentic style and versatile and agile performance. Tested for thousands of hours and miles in a wide variety of road conditions for durability, balance and handling, the chassis offers responsive, dynamic performance. The 804mm seat height provides an accessible and confident riding position. The Interceptor 650 is elegantly designed to have a ground clearance of 174mm and an excellent tilt angle that helps you take almost any road with poise. 37.5 degrees of steering allows good low-speed maneuverability in urban traffic. With a 24-degree tilt angle and 106mm of travel, the 650 Twin Interceptor feels nimble in the city, on the roads, and nimble in corners.

An oil / air cooled parallel twin engine configuration was selected. The new, simple, easy to maintain 648cc engine is designed for the real world, with enough power to make city traffic light or to roll effortlessly on the road. While offering 47 usable horsepower at 7,250 RPM and maximum torque of 52 Nm at 5,250 RPM, the secret of the new 650 Twin lies in the way power is delivered. Transparent throughout the rev range, 80% of the maximum traction power (torque) is available at a level as low as 2500 RPM, so the engine delivers smooth and fast progress without the need for constant gear shifting. . A one-piece counterbalanced crankshaft with a 270-degree firing order ensures a quintessential twin cylinder, a deeply bubbling exhaust note and minimal vibrations. The use of 4 valves per cylinder increases engine efficiency, resulting in better fuel economy and performance. A 9.5: 1 compression ratio under stress means less sensitivity to variations in fuel quality, while a dual throttle body paired to a highly accurate Bosch engine management and fuel injection system provides instant response , predictable and smooth throttle. While the superbly sculpted lines of the gleaming, hand-polished aluminum engine covers date back to the golden age of motorcycling, what makes heads turn is the sound of the engine, whether idle or in full chatter, measuring a steady beat, a wonderful excess of burble or a distinctive ignition noise.

For the first time, Royal Enfield uses a specially developed six-speed gearbox for the 650 Twin, thoroughly tested on test fields, race tracks and public roads, with carefully selected gear ratios chosen to offer the best combination for all driving conditions. The result is evident in the optimal shifting feel, hitch reliability, quiet notch-free selection and perfect ratio spacing. The gearbox is augmented by a sliding clutch that has an aid function for light lever feel.

The choice of tires also reflects the common theme that runs through the development process of the Interceptor 650 Twin. For the authentic classic look, the Interceptor 650 comes with 18 “front and rear wheels, both with 36-spoke aluminum alloy wheels. Classic aesthetics backed by modern engineering options meant the frame and compound of these Pirelli Phantom tires Sportcomp (100/90 front and 130/70 rear) were specially developed for Royal Enfield to complement the chassis and suspension in all driving conditions, and with the same constant thought, two-piston calipers have been used. ByBre (By Brembo) grip a 320mm floating disc at the front and a 240mm at the rear powered by Bosch dual-channel ABS that provides strong and predictable stopping power.

With its wide handlebar, the Interceptor has a comfortable and dominant riding position; vertical for great visibility ahead, helping confidence and comfort. The ergonomic triangle. Consisting of the handlebars, low seat and footrest position, it has been adapted for greater comfort with a soft sporty bias that helps the rider make the most of the agile chassis and feels intuitively connected to the machine.

Additional information

Weight202 kg
Dimensions2122 × 789 × 1165 mm

2 cylinders in line, 4 stroke, Air and oil cooled, SOHC


648 cc

Bore x stroke

78 mm X 67,8 mm

Compression ratio

9.5 : 1

Rated output

47 Hp @ 7.250 rpm

Max. torque

52 Nm @ 5.250 rpm

Sistema de arranque



TCI (digital)


Oil-coated multi-disc


Constant, 6 speeds


BOSCH electronic injection


Tubular steel

Front wheel suspension

110 mm, 41mm telescopic fork

Rear wheel suspension

88mm, Adjustable in preload, Twin gas-charged shock absorbers


1.400 mm

Ground clearance

174 mm

Seat height

804 mm

Fuel capacity

13,7 liters

Tires, front

100/90-18, 56 H, Pirelli Phantom Sportcomp

Tires, rear

130/70-18, 63 H, Pirelli Phantom Sportcomp

Brake, front

2 pistons, 320mm brake disc, Bosch Dual Channel ABS

Brake, rear

1 piston, 240mm disc, Bosch Dual Channel ABS


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