2020 Apache RR310


The all-new 2020 TVS Apache RR310 takes Racecraft to the next level. The race machine features a 312 cc reverse inclined DOHC engine with throttle-by-wire and four unique ride modes, to overcome any condition. Its SmartXonnect enabled multi information race computer pairs with your smartphone to display essential notifications and race telemetry. The eternal need to outperform the competition is embodied by this power packed technological marvel, the most advanced TVS Apache RR310 yet.



Crafted to impose

Multi Information Race Computer

The TVS Apache RR310 stays ahead in the race to the finish line– not just on the track, but in the race to the future as well. The race machine is equipped with a SmartXonnect enabled Multi Information Race Computer.


Honed by rigorous testing and unlimited laps on the race track with key inputs and feedback by the TVS Racing Team to ensure ultimate control on the track and street. Racing heritage based expertise established since 1982, come standard with every TVS Apache RR310.


Inspired by the deadliest predator – the Shark. The Apache RR310 is conceptualized to have an aggressive and ready-to-attack silhouette which is aided by a raked-high tail and ‘Mass- Forward and Minimalist- Tail’ design. The Apache RR310, most powerful Apache till now, is based on the Akula Concept which won the ‘Best Concept Bike of Auto Expo 2016’ at New Delhi.

Bi-Led Twin Projector Headlamps

With aggressive brow lines, the first in its class Bi-LED Twin Projector headlamps offer higher intensity at day or night enabling you to ride with confidence at higher speeds.

Tail Light

Snake Fangs inspired LED tail lights complete the high sporty rake tail by giving the Apache RR310 a unique visual signature in its class.

Crafted for power


A flick of the wrist now delivers precise performance on the track than ever before. The 2020 Apache RR310 is equipped with state-of-the-art Electronic throttle control (ETC) consisting of electronic throttle grip, electronic throttle body (ETB) and electronic control unit (ECU).

Dual Channel ABS

The Dual-channel ABS is the perfect synthesis of performance and functionality. The ABS prevents wheel lock, and rear wheel liftoff protection keeps the racer’s wheels on the ground, even when braking late into corners.

Race Tuned Slipper Clutch

The all new RT slipper clutch allows for rapid downshifts that prevent rear wheel hopping, allowing for later braking and more precise cornering. The assist function tightly binds the clutch plates during acceleration, to provide enhanced torque carrying capacity with reduced clutch operating force.

Unique Reverse Inclined DOHC Engine

The race-derived 310cc powerplant makes upstream air being used effectively to pass through the air filter with ram effect. This innovative and unique design provides a compact engine layout resulting in mass centralization delivering best-in-class Power-to-Weight ratio.

Double Over Head Cams (DOHC) with Finger Follower

Twin Over Head Cam shaft with hollow cam shaft carries 30% lower valve train mass. Finger follower with Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating gives more wear resistance and durability providing the high rev engine, an ultimate power delivery at top speeds.

Down Draft Port with Button Tappet arrangement

26 varieties of buttons each with 20-micron steps provide 8% increase in volumetric efficiency due to gravity assistance, enabling the engine to offer racing performance and engine durability for consistency in performance.

Liquid-Cooled Oil-Coolant Technology

In high performance Apache RR310 engine, the engine oil heats up and loses its lubricating properties. Apache RR310 has 23 rows of tubes for optimized cooling efficiency keeping the high revving engine at optimum temperature delivering maximum performance.

Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner

The Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner along with the drive is taken from a counter gear and has a Bleed Valve and Check Valve offering lesser maintenance and durable engine quality.

Horizontal Split Crank Case

4 axis single plane split line provides optimal weight of crankcase with adequate stiffness. Inclined split crankcase design makes a compact engine layout reducing the engine weight by 10%. This race responsive design of the engine gives more Power-to-Weight ratio and a durable engine with less maintenance.

Track Tuned 6-speed gearbox

The Bottom mounted shift-lever and gears with negative back rack angle machined in all the gears lug to lug allows ease of engagement of gear and no slippage at higher speeds for precision shifts; quick launches and avoids false neutrals.

Crafted by the wind

Advanced aerodynamics

Extensive designing and testing in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel has yielded the best-in-class coefficient of drag to achieve maximum downforce, minimum wind blast and higher top speed.

Ram-air Intake

Reverse inclined engine makes upstream air being used effectively to pass through the air filter with ram effect, thereby giving a compact engine layout and optimum engine temperature at all conditions.

Gill Vents

Patented Deflector Cowl along with gill vents channel hot air away from the engine giving higher ride comfort for the racer at any time on the track.

Engine Coolant Jacket Optimization

The cylinder head is designed and crafted to have best-in-class heat management by reducing the engine temperature by 40° C. This again allows for better performance and higher revving.

Crafted for agility

Superior Michelin Road 5 Tyres

The TVS Apache RR310 is equipped with all-new Michelin Road 5 tyres. engineered with next-gen compounds and featuring Michelin’s patented ACT+ technology, these tyres provide superior grip for cornering and offer a premium ride feel.

Racing Origin Trellis Frame

Light weight trellis frame offers higher stiffness with best structural efficiency for total control, excellent dynamic response at higher speeds and ease of manoeuvrability to cut through city traffic.

Race tuned KYB suspension

Honed and tuned by the experts from KYB. The Monoshock with monotube floating piston technology has hydraulic stopper with check valves providing precise damping and smooth dynamic response to achieve best-in-class lateral acceleration and cornering speeds.

Mass centralised layout

The vehicle engine layout fits compactly on the frame providing a low centre of gravity for uncompromised handling and unmatched control.

Racing Ergonomics

The rider triangle is optimized for better load distribution on the shoulder to give excellent steering control and good low-back comfort. The seat profile is sculpted for ease of sliding around to achieve precise racing line while hitting the apex.

Crafted to overcome

Urban Mode

Tame the city streets with ease, with urban mode. This mode allows for linear acceleration and deceleration during city riding, for a smooth and controlled ride. The Multi Information Race Computer displays essential information for your daily commute, including navigation and cellular notifications. The ABS is optimised for a quick response with mild lever pulsation.

Track Mode

The track mode unleashes the full power of the motorcycle, and optimises the ABS response for the racer to brake late into corners with confidence and ease. The display clears up to only show a vertical tachometer, relevant racing telemetry such as lap times and top speed, and suspends other notifications.

Sport Mode

Answer the call of the highway with sport mode. The sport mode allows for maximum acceleration and an optimized deceleration, engine braking and ABS response. The Multi Information Race Computer displays relevant touring data including navigation, distance and estimate time of arrival.

Rain Mode

Even the elements of nature stand no chance against the race machine. The rain mode primes the ABS to deliver the maximum response with a strong lever pulsation feel, to safely power through any storm. Enhanced rear-wheel life protection improves the safety and stability on wet roads, keeping the racer always in control of the race machine.

Dedicated Control Cubes

The control cubes on the handlebar, allows you to instinctively switch between ride modes with the touch of a button while you are on the go. Control cubes also helps the racer to navigate through the Multi Information Race Computer giving access to a host of essential information and personalization widgets

TVS SmartXonnect

The SmartXonnect app links your smartphone and to your race machine. The cutting-edge Bluetooth connected app offers up a range of race analytics and data that allows any racer to review their racing style and constantly improve it on the track. The app displays a detailed post-ride/race analysis which includes statistics like distance covered, gear shifting points, best lap record, G-Force, interactive tour map plot, ride pattern analysis, and much more.

Glide Through Technology Plus

Tuned feature for urban and rain mode riding, GTT+ enables an extremely smooth and controlled ride. With this feature, one can put the vehicle in motion with a slow release of the clutch lever, without the throttle operation. This eliminates the synchronization of the clutch lever and throttle lever, further eliminating engine stalling.

Additional information

Weight174 kg
Dimensions2001 × 786 × 1135 mm

4 stroke, 4 valves per cylinder, Liquid cooled, Reverse inclined, SI, single cylinder

Bore x stroke

80 mm x 62,1 mm


312,2 cc

Rated output

Sport and Track Mode – 33.54 Hp @ 9,700 rpm (25 kW @ 9,700 rpm), Urban and Rain Mode – 25.45 Hp @ 7,600 rpm (19 kW @ 7,600 rpm)

Max. torque

Sport and Track Mode – 27.3 Nm @ 7,700 rpm, Urban and Rain Mode – 25 Nm @ 6,700 rpm

Compression ratio

10.9 : 1

Valve system

DOHC, 4 valves


BOSCH electronic injection, Closed loop EFI

CO2 emissions

Complies with BS6 standards  



Sistema de arranque

Dynamically controlled integrated high energy ignition system


7 plate design, Manual wet multi-disc, RT slipper clutch


6 speeds


6 speeds

Final drive



Split chassis, Trellis frame

Front wheel suspension

Inverted Cartridge Fork

Rear wheel suspension

Mono tube floating piston gas assisted shock absorber, Two arm Aluminium die-cast swingarm


1.365 mm

Rim, front

MT 3.0 x 17

Rim, rear

MT 4.0 x 17

Tires, front

110/70 – ZR17 M/C 54W, Michelin ROAD 5

Tires, rear

150/60 – ZR17 M/C 66W, Michelin ROAD 5

Brake, front

1 lobed disc, 300mm disc, Dual Channel ABS

Brake, rear

1 disc Ø 240 mm, 1 lobed disc, Dual Channel ABS


With ABS system

Seat height

810 mm

Ground clearance

180 mm

Fuel capacity

11 liters


12 V / 8 Ah


5" TFT screen connected cluster

Emission standards


Maximum speed

125 km/h – Urban and Rain mode, 160 km/h – Sport and Track mode


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