2021 Monster +

All the essence of Ducati in a modern and contemporary motorcycle. Here is the new Monster in the most compact, essential and lightest possible form.

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Just Fun

A project that reappropriates the original 1993 concepts with a superbike derived frame, in aluminium, which helps to reduce the weight to just 366 lb dry, – 39.6 lb less than the Monster 821.

Narrow sides and a design characterized by simple, clean lines make the bike compact and essential: an engine, a seat, the tank, the handlebars.

Everything you need to have fun, nothing more.

A new Monster Design

The new Monster draws its DNA from the model dated back 1993, namely reflects what is needed to get supreme fun when riding a bike. In other words, an engine, a seat, a tank, a handlebar. Furthermore, it integrates all the unmistakable elements that characterize the iconic model: the bison-back-shaped tank, the round headlight, the clean tail, not to mention greater emphasis given to the engine.

It is a brand-new chapter characterized by evolved shapes mixed with modern, sporty, elegant, sophisticated yet technological flavors. All components perfectly integrated in the design.

Maximum compactness and lightness are wisely combined with the traditional yet essential and pure lines of Ducati. In addition, each single technical feature participates, in harmony, with the design to reimagine the concept of the sport naked conceived by Ducati in 1993. Starting with the front frame, clearly inspired by the Panigale V4.

An easy and handling bike

To ensure maximum maneuvrability at low speeds and facilitate manoeuvring from a standstill, the steering angle has been increased to 36° (+7° compared to the 821).

The handlebar has been brought closer to the rider’s torso by about 7 cm to have a more upright riding position that guarantees greater comfort and control. The position of the feet has also been changed, and the legs are now less curled up. All this translates into greater riding ease, even in city traffic.

Everything you need to have fun

The new Monster is powered by the 937 cc twin-cylinder Desmodromic Testastretta 11° engine. In this latest version its weight has been reduced (-5.3 lb), now achieving further performance as well as usability levels. Designed to be a stressed chassis element, the twin-cylinder represents a crucial element capable of ensuring the motorcycle overall lightness.

The new Monster has higher power levels than the previous Monster with a maximum power of 111 hp at 9,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 68 lb-ft at 6,500 rpm.

Power therefore grows by 2 hp while the torque increases by 5 lb-ft and maximum peak is reached 1,250 rpm, before if compared to the 821 model, with a richer delivery curve at whichever revs, especially at low-to-mid revs, mostly used on the road. This figure therefore means a richer delivery together with a more instant engine response. In other words, it guarantees exciting riding pleasure.

Thanks to a refined work covering all components, the brand-new 937 Testastretta engine results extremely reliable as well as affordable in terms of (long) maintenance intervals. Oil services have an expiration set at 9,300 miles (30,000 km) while the valve play inspection is needed just every 18,640 miles (30,000 km).

Ride-by-Wire system allows the adoption of different Riding Modes to change the character of the engine according to individual riders’ styles and needs.

The clutch equipping the new Monster is wet anti-patter type and thanks to its particular self-servo system can guarantee a smooth feedback. Thanks to the new hydraulic control results extremely “light” to pull (-20% effort) and perfect in modulating the attack to suit riders of all levels and spirit.

This system acts in a double way: by “pushing” the discs against each other in acceleration and reducing the pressure on the clutch discs when an opposite torque is applied, so preventing rear wheel destabilization during aggressive downshifting. The Quick Shifter, available as standard, ensures shifting assistance both up and downshifting and is the perfect companion in true sporty adventure as well as urban-style riding, thus preventing, in this specific case, the rider from frequently gear changes.

Cutting-edge technology

The new Monster has a first-rate electronics kit. The standard equipment includes fully-adjustable ABS Cornering, Traction Control, and Wheelie Control.

The new Monster’s sporty nature is underlined by the Launch Control for lightning-fast starts. Launch Control is an extraordinary feature found in supersport motorcycles that is now available to all passionate riders with the new Monster.

Ducati Traction Control (DTC)

The Ducati Traction Control (DTC) system acts as a smart “filter” between accelerator and the rear tire. It lets the rider select one of 8 different intervention levels. Each of the 3 Riding Modes has default DTC levels but these can be personalized to suit individual riders’ styles and road conditions.

Launch Control

The new Monster is equipped with a Launch Control system that allows extremely effective starts. Once activated, the system autonomously manages the engine (whenever the throttle is opened) bringing the engine to maximum torque and letting the owner focus on managing the clutch at the start. This is a drag race-proof mode that provides for the best possible acceleration.

Wheelie Control

The Launch Control system also makes use of the Wheelie Control, the control that allows the bike to accelerate to the maximum while detecting any front wheel lift. This attitude is managed electronically, improving riding safety but, at the same time, ensuring the best possible acceleration performance. Furthermore, Wheelie Control is independently adjustable from other control systems.

Ducati Riding Modes

Ducati Riding Modes are an engineering milestone, letting riders select – depending on the model – different settings: Sport, Touring and Urban that optimize motorcycle behaviour to individual riding styles and different road conditions. Each Riding Mode have been developed to vary the engine character (Power Modes) and the ABS, DTC and DWC intervention levels instantaneously, even when riding.


Sport Riding Mode: the engine delivers 111 hp with direct Ride-by-Wire throttle twist response, reduced DTC intervention, level 2 ABS braking efficiency and moderate rear wheel lift control. DWC intervention level enhances sporty riding.


Touring Riding Mode: the engine delivers 111 hp with a more progressive RbW throttle twist response, increased DTC intervention, level 3 ABS braking efficiency in order to ensure maximum braking stability and moderate rear wheel lift control. DWC is tuned to an optimal level to guarantee relaxed riding.


Urban Riding Mode: the engine delivers 75 hp maximum power with progressive RbW throttle twist response; DTC is set to an even higher intervention level and the ABS is set to level 3, maximizing braking stability and wheel lift-up prevention.

Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) up/down

Available as standard on the new Monster the Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) up/down, a race-derived electronic system, lets riders up-change without using the clutch. This system not only boosts the enjoyment of sports riding but it also lends a welcome hand in city traffic or on winding roads requiring frequent gear changes.

Color TFT instrumentation

The Monster instrument panel is embellished by a 4.3” color TFT display. Its graphics comes from the Panigale V4 and offers useful on-board information. The center of the screen shows the rev counter and currently selected gear. Even air temperature and fuel level are immediately readable. This device is also designed to display information from the Ducati Multimedia System (DMS), which allows you to connect a smartphone to the motorcycle via Bluetooth module (available as an accessory) and to manage some functions via the buttons positioned on the handlebar. The display shows the “music player” commands, the headset connection status icons, incoming call as well as message received alert icons.

Headlight and indicators

Needless to say, the round headlight on the new Monster is undoubtedly a great comeback, a beautiful tribute to the past enriched by the most advanced full-LED technology, which also fits the entire light system. Furthermore, Ducati adds the swiping technology, namely “dynamic” and auto-cancelling indicators, which represents a first.

Additional information

Weight188 kg

Desmodromic, liquid cooling, Testastretta 11°, Two-cylinder at 90º

Bore x stroke

94 x 67,5 mm


57 cu in, 937 cc

Rated output

111 hp (82 kW) @ 9.250 rpm

Max. torque

93 Nm (9,5 kgm, 69 lb ft) @ 6.500 rpm

Compression ratio

13.3 : 1

Valve system

4 valves, Desmodromic system


Electronic injection, Full Ride-by-Wire, Ø 53mm injection bodies


Anti-bounce, Hydraulic drive, Multiple disc clutch in oil bath


6 speeds

Final drive

Chain, Front sprocket Z15, Rear sprocket Z43

Final Ratio


Relation 1


Relation 2


Relation 3


Relation 4


Relation 5


Relation 6



Of aluminum

Front wheel suspension

130 mm, Inverted telescopic fork, Ø 43 mm

Rear wheel suspension

140mm travel, Adjustable progressive monoshock. Aluminum swingarm


1.474 mm, 58.0 in

Steering angle

24º / 24º

Tires, front

120/70 ZR 17, Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

Tires, rear

180/55 ZR 17, Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

Brake, front

Cornering ABS, Double disc ø320 mm, Double semi-floating disc, Radial Monobloc M4-32 Brembo 4-piston calipers, Radial pump and metallic brake hoses.

Brake, rear

2-piston caliper, Cornering ABS, Ø 245 mm disc

Seat height

775 mm (30.5 in) (accessory low seat + low suspension kit), 800 mm (31.5 in) (accessory low seat), 820 mm (32.3 in)

Fuel capacity

14 liters, 3,7 gal


93 mm


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