Royal Enfield

The origin of this motorcycle manufacturer dates back to 1851 in the United Kingdom, at that time it was not dedicated to developing motorcycles and was known as Enfield Manufacturing Co. Ltd. By 1893 its founders, Albert Eadie and Robert Walker Smith decide to change the Name of the firm by Royal Enfield.

In 1901 they made their first motorcycle designed by RW Smith and Jules Gotiet, this model had a 239cc engine and 1.5 horsepower. In 1912 the firm developed its first sidecar.

In 1932 the single-cylinder, four-valve engine called Bullet was introduced. The 976cc K model was also released.

In 1949 Royal Enfield created the Bullet 350 model for the Indian armed forces. From 1954 the Bullet motorcycle line was manufactured in India after an order of 800 units.

Such a boom allowed the factory to begin production in Indian territory, after reaching an agreement with an Indian partner who was sent to Redditch to learn the methods of production. In the beginning, the Indian factory only assembled the engines that were brought from abroad, but in 1955 they began producing the Bullet motorcycle series.

In 1960, the 750cc Enfield Interceptor model debuted followed by the 700cc Constellation that had good acceptance in the United States.

In 1967 the Redditch factory in England is closed. by 1994 the Eicher group acquires the signature. In 2008 Royal Enfield exported the Bullet Classic 500 model. Two years later the manufacturer manages to comply with the emission standards necessary for the State of California, United States.

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